WorkSpace Setup for Android Devices

 Microsoft Remote Desktop is an app available in the Google Play Store that will allow Android tablets and smartphones to connect to TSM Workspace using our enterprise Terminal Services (TS) Gateway.

1. Download and install this app on your device (compatible with MOST Android Tablets/Smartphones).

2. Install and launch the app and navigate through any introduction screens until you land on a blank list with a “+” symbol on the bottom. Select that icon to bring up the following Remote Desktop Configuration screen: 

3. Enter the connection name GJG Workspace and the PC name should be gjg. Select the Gateway option and you will see the following:

4. After the information is entered for the Gateway, select the check mark in the top right corner to bring you back to the Remote Desktop configuration screen where you will enter your credentials:

User Name: tsmworkspace\johnsmith (your firstnamelastname)

Password: As provided by TekTegrity staff

If you need any assistance, please reach out and we will be happy to get you up and running.

Android ActiveSync Email Setup

Please note, this guide was setup using a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android version 7.0, some devices may look different or may have different options, please give us a call at 1.888.662.9086 if you run into any problems.  

1. To add your Exchange to your Android device, tap Settings, then Accounts, then Add Account, then tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

2. Enter your email address and password, then select Manual setup

3. On the next screen, verify the following information is correct, the screenshot below is an example.  

Email Address: i.e. 

Domain\username:  tsmworkspace\johnsmith (make sure to use the correct \ when entering this information)

Domain: tsmworkspace

Username: name i.e. johnsmith (first name then last name, without Caps, dots or spaces) note, this is not a generic account name but your actual name used to check email

Password: your password (This is your TSMWorkspace password used to log into your desktop or e-mail)

Exchange server:

Make sure use secure connection(SSL) is checked 

Once all settings have been verified select Next

If you get a prompt for remote security administration, tap OK
4. The next screen will give you options on what setting you want to have enabled, you can adjust this, to fit your preferences.  Be sure contacts and calendars and tasks are turned on if you want those items to sync on your phone.
5. Edit name of email on your phone if desired.  This is the display name of your mail on your phone only.  

6. If Port and Security are there, Enable TLS and use port 443

You’re done!  Yay!  If you are still having issues don’t forget that you can call us at 1.888.662.9086 or email to submit a trouble ticket.

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