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PRP Companies enjoy fast 24/7 service, long-term planning and ongoing savings by working with TekTegrity.


PRP Companies was founded in 1972 as Poor Richard’s Press, a division of its older and larger company, Blake Printery, which was established in 1949. Over the years, they’ve expanded their capabilities by acquiring other enterprises. As a result, in 2012 they changed their name to PRP Companies, a business solutions provider offering everything from print, apparel, creative, mail, to web services to the Central Coast.

The cornerstone principles of PRP Companies include quality, sustainability, and trustworthiness. PRP prides itself on being active and generous in our community while establishing the best working relationships with every client, setting them up for success and remaining a powerful, reliable partner throughout their growth.


Todd Ventura, president of PRP Companies, charted the organization’s expansion path knowing there could be some challenges. With several divisions, each reliant on industry-specific equipment and technology, maintaining maximum efficiency was important.

When Todd heard his local IT provider was being acquired by TekTegrity, he was understandably apprehensive. He’d built a relationship with Geoff Lillich of Sentinel Network Systems, who was familiar with PRP Co. and the specialized systems that keep it operational. In Todd’s eyes, he was trading the known for the unknown at a critical time in his company’s growth.


TekTegrity knew folding Sentinel Network Systems into its operation would improve the level of IT service for businesses on the Central Coast. They welcomed Geoff Lillich and his crew to the team.  TekTegrity’s leadership understood the value of the specialized skills, experience and client history Sentinel’s team brought to TekTegrity. To ease the transition, Geoff remained the main contact for PRP Companies.

With a larger support team behind him, Geoff increased services and streamlined the network at PRP Companies. Having people devoted to remote monitoring and routine maintenance and service allowed Geoff to focus on planning future network changes, adaptations and enhancements, which were rolled out according to plan.

TekTegrity also thoroughly evaluated PRP Companies’ needs and helped them establish relationships with local telecom service providers who provide much more responsive, personalized service at better rates.


It didn’t take long for Todd Ventura to start appreciating his new relationship with TekTegrity. He realizes that instead of losing things that were important to him, he has gained much. He enjoys having more technicians, engineers, and customer service people. He likes the fast 24/7 service, long-term planning and ongoing savings he gets by working with TekTegrity.

TekTegrity also saw improvements as a result of working with PRP Companies. Todd’s honest, open communication and business acumen prompted TekTegrity to modify certain business practices and improve the customer experience.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but now I recommend TekTegrity to other businesses. They’ve streamlined our network and helped us grow. We feel they respect and understand the specific needs of our business. It would be impossible to afford an in-house IT department with this level of expertise. I truly appreciate the value, professionalism and peace of mind TekTegrity provides.”
Todd Ventura, President, PRP Companies, Inc.

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