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Our most powerful case studies are written by our clients. Here Susan Landau from San Luis Obispo Eye Associates answers referral questions for Eye-Q (now a client).  


SLO Eye has been working with TekTegrity for four years. We have 7 providers and 50 users across two locations. TekTegrity does the “heavy lifting” with IT strategy planning, server configuration, etc. They also provide support desk, IT planning, after hours service, back-ups, server and network monitoring, Windows updates, anti-virus, email security and automated encryption (when needed).


TekTegrity is very responsive.  All it takes is a phone call when we have a crisis and they jump right on it.  My responsibility is to let them know the severity of the problem and their response is always appropriate to the information I provide.  There have been a few times when the urgency of the situation may not have been expressed, or the tech on the other end of the phone didn’t “get it” but those times are very few and far between.

They monitor our network 24/7 and often resolve problems off hours that I didn’t even know we had until I arrive in the morning and see the email that such and such happened and it has been resolved.  It’s pretty awesome.


We struggle with our EHR/EPM vendor and when TekTegrity has to contact them they are always very patient as well as persistent. I don’t know how they handle difficult people – no experience there.  In times of crisis (we recently had 2 HDDs on a server die in at our remote location) TekTegrity was all over it.  It felt like everyone at TT dropped whatever they were doing and focused on our situation. In the end, they brought out a loaner and got us back up and running. I was continually contacted and updated throughout this entire process, from beginning to end. I barely had to think about what was going on. It was an exceptional experience.


TekTegrity has helped us to successfully revamp our entire infrastructure and has assisted with our change over to a new EMR/EPM vendor. I was hired shortly after SLO Eye contracted with TekTegrity.  We jointly inherited an incredibly schizophrenic, poorly planned (if there was any planning at all) and dysfunctional infrastructure. Our BOD did not want to spend lots of money to fix it, so together over the last few years they have continued to offer suggestions with an over-all plan in mind. We were finally able to put this in place about a year and a half ago. Their support and planning have been a most invaluable contribution for us.


"I can’t say enough positive things about TekTegrity. I feel I am included as part of their team – they always keep me in the loop and share knowledge and information with me.  Their staff are friendly, responsive, personable, supportive, knowledgeable and always focused on the best outcome for everyone.  There is never any delay on their part on when to escalate a ticket.  Their customer service is outstanding – you can tell that they “aim to please”. In many cases, they are proactively talking to me about things I have not even thought of yet.  I would and DO recommend them highly.”
— Susan Landau, San Luis Obispo Eye Associates

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