Affordable Housing

Russ Levanway, CEO


Innovative IT is the most cost-effective solution for your remodel or new construction project. 


TekTegrity’s Innovative IT understands the needs of the developer who must deliver the service, the tenants who will use the service, and the property management firms that will oversee and often pay for the service.


As the leading licensed* resident internet provider for California’s affordable housing projects, we ensure proper regulatory compliance for maximum site amenity points [TCAC] and cater our technology to the specific populations you serve. We understand the funding challenges that exist, and how to properly maintain and service your project for the long term.


Receiving maximum TCAC site amenity points is a must. Providing free high-speed internet stands as the only site amenity that you can control. As a rule, building high-speed internet services into your development plans ensures greater flexibility in choosing new project site locations.


Innovative IT's solutions utilize scalable hardware—allowing the development to ensure compatibility with future technologies like VoIP, Triple Play, etc. Not only does this increase the value of the real estate asset, but it better serves your current residents’ needs while anticipating their future demands as well. Providing high-speed internet helps bridge the digital divide, equipping your residents with the tools needed to join and compete in today’s technology-driven society.

"Working with Innovative IT was a very smooth process. Their attention to detail and price point made them the obvious choice for our Tenant Internet Initiatives."

                   - R. Bailey, VP Asset Management
                     Global Premier Development, Inc.

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To find out how TekTegrity can help you earn TCAC amenity points by offering free high-speed internet to your residents call 1.888.662.9084 to speak with our Residential Internet Director.

*California Contractor's license #1008742


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