Oct 11

Internet for All; What’s Not to Love?

Internet for All

By John Lim, CTO

So last Friday, I was up in my old stomping grounds, San Francisco Bay Area, attending the annual Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California Fall Conference. What does TekTegrity have to do with Non-Profit/Affordable Housing?

A lot, actually.


Oct 15

The Great Equalizer

By Russ Levanway, CEO

Think about how integral the internet is to your life. If you have children in school, you know that more and more, teachers are assigning online coursework and homework. Furthermore, you most likely receive their report card via email or the internet. If you’re job hunting, where do you look? Most likely somewhere on the web. Or if you need an affordable vehicle? Or a map and schedule of bus routes? Or access to your bank account? You get the idea. Life is possible without the internet, of course, but having access to it goes a long way toward enhancing both our productivity and our connectivity.

Unfortunately, according to the White House, 25 percent of Americans still don’t have internet access at home, despite the fact that the United States is its birthplace.


Sep 1

Affordable Housing Spotlight: Fresno Housing Authority Viking Village Apartments

Fresno Housing Authority AB 1299 funding Fresno Housing Authority
Viking Village Apartments
Construction Type: Rehab

Fresno Housing Authority prides itself in creating vibrant communities, building quality affordable housing, and supporting the success of its nearly 50,000 residents throughout the county.



To provide free high-speed wireless internet to every resident through a responsible, sustainable, and holistic technology plan.

“It was great working with the Innovative IT team! They understood our technology goals and translated them into a workable plan we could manage.” – David Brenner, Community Development Coordinator Fresno Housing Authority


Apr 16

Affordable Housing Spotlight: Rio Vista Apartments, Los Angeles

Ab1299 Fresno Residential Internet

Photo by Abode Communities

By Joe Basquin, Contributing Editor Broadband Communities

Securing financing for affordable housing communities has become more competitive and challenging in recent years. “There are always more people asking for money than there is money available,” says Brian Horton, Director of Consulting of Fresno, Calif.-based Innovative IT, the technology infrastructure consulting [arm of TekTegrity, Inc.] that specializes in designing high-speed networks for affordable housing developments. Horton often works with developers competing for federal low-income housing tax credits, which can be sold to banks and other corporations to secure funding. “As a developer, you need to enhance your score any way you can.”


Jan 9

TekTegrity + Innovative IT

San Luis Obispo, CA —San Luis Obispo-based IT solutions company TekTegrity, Inc. has acquired Innovative I.T, Inc. in Fresno. TekTegrity, one of the region’s largest IT providers, will now have 65 employees and serve nearly 300 businesses in the Central Coast and Central Valley regions of California.

Russ Levanway, CEO of TekTegrity, says merging the companies expands the organization’s talent pool and increases the services available to all clients. “Our clients rely on technology to keep their businesses running. Combining our resources and experience will allow us to keep up with industry advancements and develop technology tools to serve our clients better.   more

CIO Solutions And TekTegrity Announce Merger. Read More