Jun 11

Why Consumer-Grade Doesn’t Cut It

By Russ Levanway, President

Late last month, the FBI reported on an attempt by Russian hackers to infect hundreds of thousands of residential routers in at least 54 countries with malware. With residential routers like Linksys and NetGear primarily affected, the FBI recommended that people restart their home router to disrupt the attack.  In November last year, there was a serious vulnerability that affected most wifi networks as well.

We received a few calls about this most recent major incident, but since virtually all of our clients use business-class equipment on our recommendation, the impacts were very minimal.  The wifi vulnerability in November also had a minimal impact, since the business-class wifi deployed at most of our clients can be centrally managed and updated quickly.  This leads me to a topic worth discussing here: the difference between business-class and consumer-class equipment.


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