Feb 27

Fork-lifting Into The Cloud vs Optimizing In The Cloud

By RubyRuby Nahal, Engineer Nahal, Senior Engineer

 If you are a business who has decided to dive into the countless benefits of the “cloud approach” to boost innovation and thus boost productivity, growth and profitability, the next decision is the migration approach. Many different methodologies can be used to migrate to the cloud. Normally you want to really plan this sort of a thing instead of diving head first and using the lowest effort method of fork-lifting your current infrastructure into the cloud. more

Feb 26

Foundation versus Fixtures

By Russ Levanway, CEO

We’re in the midst of remodeling our 4,500-square foot Fresno office right now, and if you’ve ever remodeled anything, you know it’s a long process. Our staff is temporarily relocated into a really small office in a neighboring building within the same business complex, in addition to some folks who work in a portable trailer that stands in our parking lot. Conditions are quite challenging for our staff, but they willingly embrace the upheaval because they know what they have to look forward to in about a month’s time: a brand-new, beautiful building to call home. more

Feb 23

Update and Go

John Lim, CTOBy John Lim, CTO

So one of my exciting weekend projects was wiping a used laptop from work. I use a Mac predominantly and have a PC on my desk, but I thought hmm, maybe I could use a laptop. Conveniently, we had a Windows laptop that was no longer in use.

Now, working with Windows, after the machine has been running for a while you’ll typically notice what is called Bit Rot (basically slower performance). One thing I and other techs have done in the past is to wipe and reload our computers with a fresh, new operating system.


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