Dec 15

Your Log Has Something to Say to You

John Lim, CTO

By John Lim, CTO

When it comes to tech, most of us don’t have the need to look too deep into the systems we’re using. We go about the day using the system in place and don’t have to think twice about what’s going on under the surface.

But when something goes wrong and all of a sudden a server goes out or a system crashes, we hope that there are some precautions and hidden tricks up the sleeves of our IT company.

Enter: logs.


Dec 10

Back it Up Like a Boss

By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer

Ruby Nahal, Engineer

The Story Behind Toy Story 2

We all know about the movie “Toy Story 2”. Pixar’s amazing creation where toys save the day. But did you know that the film was almost lost? And all because of human error. The primary files were accidentally deleted and when an attempt was made to recover from tape backups, it was discovered that nothing had been backed up for months due to systems failure. Luckily, Pixar was able to recover from a stray copy of files from the technical director’s personal backups.

We have all heard horror stories or experienced failed backup scenarios. From punch cars to Magnetic tape to the rise of floppy disks to the CD and evolution of Optical disks to the modern era of cloud backups – backup solutions and best practices have gone through a big evolution over the last century.


Dec 3

Do this One Thing to Make 2018 the Safest Year Yet

2018 Cyber Security Predictions

By Russ Levanway, CEO

At the beginning of this year, I predicted trends for 2017 and discussed my single biggest concern: security. I talked about the changing security landscape and how crypto-ransomware is a real force to reckon with. Sadly, my predictions turned out to be true.


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