Oct 17

The Tool to Understand What Makes Teams Tick

By Russ Levanway, CEO

Not too long ago we hosted a staff retreat and had everyone complete a Worktraits profile that uncovered the nature of her or his convictions and personalities. Afterward, we learned what it means for some of us to be highly disciplined, ambitious or compassionate, etc.

One lesson I learned during our retreat was that because people have different personalities, they speak different languages. In a work environment, the way you relate to people can be very different from one personality to the next.


Oct 11

Internet for All; What’s Not to Love?

Internet for All

By John Lim, CTO

So last Friday, I was up in my old stomping grounds, San Francisco Bay Area, attending the annual Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California Fall Conference. What does TekTegrity have to do with Non-Profit/Affordable Housing?

A lot, actually.


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