Aug 24

True Grit: Get IT

By John Lim, CTO

So guess what I have been doing the last few days? Besides trying to think of ideas for a new article.

Any guesses? No? No takers? Well, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Engineers here at TekTegrity on a major disaster recovery effort. Yeah, not fun. I never want to ever experience that again.

Or do I?


Aug 10

Layering works for Oreos, not Technology Solutions

Stack Oreos not Tech


By Russ Levanway, CEO

How to integrate your tech so you can start working smarter not harder

Picture if you will: One person in your finance department buys a new cloud-based billing package – the coolest thing since sliced bread – but it doesn’t integrate with invoicing and other software in the company, so adoption never gets past the number-crunchers.

Sound familiar?


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