May 24

Super Boring IT Article #2: DNS part 1

DNS Haiku

By John Lim, CTO

I ripped off the above haiku from The reason I love it and all other sysadmins love it is that it’s TRUE.

Specifically, in an Active Directory environment, DNS is a yuuuuge deal but in our regular day to day internet life, DNS is STILL a yuuuuuuuge deal.


May 15

Machine Learning: Cybersecurity’s Most Promising Weapon

Machine Learning

By Russ Levanway, CEO

I recently returned from an HTG Peer Group conference where I met with a number of my colleagues from around the country to discuss trends in technology and business. Over the course of the conference, a very hot topic emerged: the benefits and liabilities of encryption.

Not that long ago, most traffic traveled across the internet unencrypted and relatively easy to intercept. Today, in order to secure traffic, the right side of the law has been using more and more encryption methods. For instance, when you visit a website and enter your credit card number, the page is always encrypted; when you enter a username and password, that’s also always encrypted. You will typically notice this via the yellow padlock next to the web URL in your internet browser.


May 9

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis (SRA)

Healthcare IT Consulting By Jill Lowe, Healthcare Account Manager

When most of us first did a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, it was not due to altruistic security worry. Nope, it was required for Meaningful Use Attestation. And since not having an SRA is the number one reason for failing a Medicare audit, it’s a darn good thing to have. But if we did a thorough assessment, it did indeed identify items to remediate and improve ePHI security.


May 4

Real Consulting // Serious Science with a Touch of Fun

IT Consulting

Dr. Baker inside the lab at Baker Wine & Grape Analysis with Patch on floor watch duty

By Josh Erdman, IT Pro

When you imagine a lab you probably think of white lab coats, test tubes, clipboards, and beakers. In this way, Baker Wine & Grape Analysis is your typical lab, white coats and all, but there is something else going on here that feels very different from what I expect. It’s the culture – professional balanced with fun. An awesome selection of music provides a soundtrack for highly technical work; homemade sparkling lemonade is available for refreshment; a sweet Australian Shepard named Patch keeps spirits high.


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