Mar 23

Real Consulting // High Tech Hotrods

Driven by Shawn Langdon & Kahlid Al Bahlooshi of Team Al Anabi, Crew Chief Alan Johnson

By Josh Erdman, IT Pro

Nestled between fields of strawberries and spinach lies the powerhouse that fuels the National Hotrod Association (NHRA). Santa Maria Valley, with its rich agricultural and viticulture heritage, is also the home of Top Fuel drag racing legend Alan Johnson Performance Engineering.


Mar 13

From Tech to Business Intelligence: Getting the Most from your IT Company

IT Biz

By Russ Levanway, CEO

Asset or Liability?

Once upon a time, people came to IT companies like us to do two basic things: 1) take care of their computers and 2) upgrade their equipment. IT was essentially an expense line to buy and maintain hardware and software. In other words, a liability.


Mar 2

STEM to STEAM: One tech’s journey toward artful thinking

Jennifer Steinkamp merges Art with Technology at Virginia Tech

By Joshua Erdman, IT Pro

I never thought I would be writing an article on the Arts.  For the last 22 years my whole world has been all about tech. From studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at Cal Poly to running an IT business for 11 years, I had made up my mind that the arts didn’t really matter to me much.

But all of that has changed.


Mar 1

USN Rollbacks: Keeping AD in its Happy Place

Ruby Nahal, Engineer By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer

Domain Controllers and Recovery

The USN rollback issue may not be an everyday problem for some organizations, but as an Engineer at a Managed Service Provider (MSP), I have seen my fair share of the condition. The problem is global – and is caused from restores of domain controllers in multi-DC environments since the introduction of Active Directory (AD).

What does it mean and when does it happen?


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