Dec 21

Balancing Security and Productivity


By Russ Levanway, CEO

Now that the election is over maybe it’s finally safe to talk about something that’s been on my mind. I didn’t want to touch it with a ten-foot pole, but it’s obviously very relevant to IT and our industry: I’m talking about Hillary’s emails.


Dec 20

Best Practices for Active Directory Group Policies

Ruby Nahal, Engineer By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer

Active Directory Group Policies are an extremely powerful component of Active Directory. They are the magic wand that will help you control the functioning and behavior of entities in your Active Directory domain. And because they are so powerful, it can also be dangerous if they are misconfigured. Ever heard the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility”? Depending on how your Group Policies are configured, it can also make the troubleshooting process harder. Following are six nuggets of wisdom on how to make your group policy infrastructure better.


Dec 15

EHR & MACRA // What Physicians Need to Know

Healthcare IT team, San Luis Obispo, Fresno By Nathan Stott, Practice Director

We recently broke down the MACRA Transition Year Requirements and briefly touched on each of the four performance categories that will affect physician payments under the Quality Payment Program. One of these categories, Advancing Care Information, is the replacement for Meaningful Use and reflects the largest percentage (25%) of the MIPS composite score for 2017. EHR use is at the core of the Quality Payment Program, with both MIPS and APMs requiring the use of certified EHR technology to qualify for positive Medicare payment adjustments.

Let’s take a look at some of the important details regarding EHR use your practice will need to assess in order to be prepared:


Dec 14

HOW TO // How to Listen to your Team

IT Consulting, listening to team

By Jeremy Koellish, COO

If you have ever met me in person, the first thing you will notice is that I am in perpetual motion. And when I am not at work running around and bounding up the stairs…I am literally running. That said, I, perhaps more than most, work on drawing my attention toward slowing down, breathing and listening. I prioritize listening because I know it is important for myself and my company. Knowing yourself and your own barriers to being a good listener is the first step to making sure your employees feel like they can speak freely.

Here are some other tips:


Dec 5

Real Consulting // Drilling Deep & Giving Back

Real IT Consulting San Luis Obispo, Fresno

The Giant Reamer and I

By Josh Erdman, Senior Consultant

Shock and Awe

I had no idea what to expect when visiting an industrial drill bit company. I knew there would be lots of metal and welding for sure, but when I stepped into the lobby at Melfred Borzall, all my expectations went out the window.  


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