Nov 21

Exchange Database Repair

Ruby Nahal, Engineer By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer

As tech admins, we have all dealt with the extreme fickleness of Exchange servers for database integrity at some point in our careers. Whether it is a good old dirty shutdown of Exchange services or storage block corruption, Exchange can be left in an inconsistent state ranging in symptoms from inaccessible mailboxes to complete database unmounted condition. Since email is the core communication path for most businesses, downtime can lead to the loss of money and time.

So, what are the options to bring Exchange back to a stable condition? The answer lies in the extent of the problem.


Nov 15

Why Your IT Company Screws Up All The Time

Frustrated with IT company

By Russ Levanway, CEO

Numbers Don’t Lie

According to a study performed by the IT industry trade association CompTIA, “Roughly 4 in 10 end users think the method in which their IT is managed is working fine as currently structured, but a NET 61% believe there is room for improvement, including 9% that said IT management methods could be significantly better than they are today.” Clearly, for many end users a great divide exists between expectations and what they’re getting.



Nov 14

MACRA Transition Year Requirements // 2017

Nathan, Healthcare IT team By Nathan Stott, Practice Director

If you haven’t yet settled down to read through the 2,398-page tome that is the MACRA Final Rule published by CMS on October 14, 2016, no need to worry. We read it and outlined the most important changes for you to be aware of for 2017.

The proposed rule, first announced in April 2016, received more than 4,000 public comments. One of the most important issues the final rule addressed was the ‘Pick Your Pace Provision’ which allows flexibility in how clinicians can participate in the Quality Payment Program in 2017. There are four options:


Nov 11

Real Consulting // A Healthier Life Thanks to Guayaki

Real IT Consulting with Guyaki

The Guayaki Founders

By Josh Erdman, Senior Consultant

Working with Guayaki for the last 15 years has forever changed my life. Their product and stance on environmental sustainability is admirable, but it was their lifestyle of health and wellness that opened my eyes to my own ignorance.


Nov 3

HOW TO // How to Tear Down the Walls

Open Office Floorplan

By Jeremy Koellish, COO

Open workspaces are nothing new. But, for us, a busy MSP with Field Technicians running around, Account Managers making calls and a support line humming away, tearing down the walls was not an intuitive choice – especially in the age of collaboration software. By physically dividing our office into cubicles clustered around specific functions we were actually cutting off the natural circulation of information. It wasn’t until we realized this that we make the change. Here’s how we did it.


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