Sep 27

HOW TO // How to Get Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker & Security

By Jeremy Koellish, COO

How do you get cryptolocker-that nefarious malware that took down an LA hospital as well as your uncle’s dog walking business? Well, I’ll tell you. And I’ll also tell you how to avoid it, and what we, as an MSP, do to protect our clients from it. So gather around – this is about to get interesting.


Sep 19

Your Health IT Alliance

Nathan, Healthcare IT team By Nathan Stott, Practice Director

Pitch Imperfect

Your EMR will streamline your practice… It will allow you to see more patients in a day… It will help you track meaningful patient data to improve care…

You’ve heard it all before, the exhausting mantras of EMR sales reps. The truth is, that in most cases none of those things are true. More likely, your EMR has upended your practice and thrown everything into chaos. As a physician, you’re either seeing fewer patients a day or you’re at the office charting into the late hours of the night. You were promised that your software is “highly customizable” and yet you continue to pay thousands of dollars to “fix” your workflow problems only to end up just as frustrated and lost as before. Physicians spend more time clicking a mouse to make it through an encounter in their software than they do with the patients they’re caring for.


Sep 12

Major Versus Minor: A Philosophy of Change Management

Change Management

By Russ Levanway, CEO

Change is Here to Stay

If you’re part of a growing organization, you know that change is inevitable. What works at your current size and situation won’t necessarily work in a few years or perhaps even a few months. So how do you implement must needed changes, both small and large?


Sep 7

Why Direct RDP for Remote Users is a Bad, Bad Thing

Ruby Nahal, Engineer By Ruby Nahal, Systems Engineer

Remote desktop access is the easiest way to work remotely. No doubt about that. And mostly everyone with remote users has direct RDP and of those, most are aware how risky it is to open a hole in your firewall for a direct RDP connection with no encryption or any type of VPN. In fact, Microsoft released a security bulletin a few years ago about how an unauthenticated attacker may be allowed to run random code remotely by sending “a sequence of specially crafted RDP packets”.

But again a good percentage of users ignore the risk because it’s so much easier to set a direct RDP rather than setting up a proper gateway proxy or VPN – and cheaper, too. Pair ease of use with lower cost and you have a very convincing argument to embrace unnecessary risk.


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