Jul 21

Counterintuitive Client Service

By Russ Levanway, CEO

Client vs. Customer

The last several weeks have been rough at the TekTegrity Help Desk – the usual summer vacation schedule has been made even more challenging due to broken legs, sudden moves, and summer colds. These things can put a strain on client service in the interim, but don’t speak to the long-term attitude or approach we have to client service as a whole. As a company in the business of helping clients, we take our approach to client service seriously and we’re constantly revisiting and refining our client service philosophy. We know that if we are intentional about nurturing a culture that emphasizes great client service, we’ll get it mostly right, most of the time.


Jul 20

HOW TO // How to Manage like a Leader

By Jeremy Koellish, COO

The business world is full of chatter (published and otherwise) on management and leadership. Blog posts flood social media channels with catchy titles and inspirational imagery, and you can’t walk through a Barnes & Noble without at least one “expert” locking eyes with you from the back of a dust jacket. And this is all good – it is good to improve and seek advice on how to get started.

However, what I see missing from the majority of thought leadership on managing and leading is a healthy blend of these two approaches to operations, when in reality, it is a combination of both that yield the best results.

Check out how to get the most out of your team:


Jul 7

Citrix Printing :: More Delight, Less Headache

Ruby Nahal, Engineer By Ruby Nahal, Systems Engineer

From Demon to Delight

Any Citrix administrator will tell you that printing in a Citrix environment can range from being a complete nightmare to absolutely dreamy. And what, might you ask, causes this wide range of experiences? Well, I hate to point fingers… but chances are it’s not Citrix.

Every environment is different, every printer is different, and every user is different. While this may seem like I am stating the obvious, it’s important to keep in mind as more often than not, when leveraging existing printers after moving to a virtualized Citrix environment, the best practices for Citrix printing are often overlooked resulting in a huge hit to your day-to-day productivity. Administrators often assume (incorrectly) that printers “will just work”, when this is far from true – a different environment means different implementation.

The good news is that there are things we can do to make printing in a Citrix environment a delight.


Jul 5

Quest for Knowledge

Craig Godbout

By April Cole Worley

On a Mission

Craig started walking at an unusually young age. Prompted by something that caught his eye in the kitchen, he simply stood up, took a few steps and strode across the room with unyielding purpose. Everything Craig accomplished after that point followed the same model; inspiration, strategy, action. From reading to mathematics and onto physics and technology, Craig thoroughly enjoyed exercising his mental muscle above all else.


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