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Feb 23

Robotics is a Sport

Josh Erdman & R2D2

By Josh Erdman, Senior Consultant

For almost 20 years, local tech organization Softec* has been working to promote technology on the Central Coast. From VC events like Tech Pitch and Startup Weekend to Dinner Panels, Open Houses, and TechBrew. These events have facilitated what we call ‘Softec Moments’. Moments when ideas are created, key people come together, businesses are formed, and connections are made.Robotics Rules

This ongoing passion of technology, ideas, and networking have helped Robotics programs sprout up in almost all our local high schools and is quickly trickling down to the middle and elementary schools. This year will be our 7th annual Robotics Expo where over $6,000 will be donated to local high school Robotics Programs.


Feb 11

Is your Relationship a Win-Win?

Client Relationships

By Russ Levanway

Keeping the Love Alive
With Valentine’s Day coming up, relationships are on everyone’s mind. I’ve been thinking about relationships, too – not so much the romantic variety but, more appropriately for this column, the relationship between IT providers and their clients. What makes a good IT partnership work?

I believe that for any relationship to be healthy, it must be win-win; there has to be some level of give-and-take on both sides. Your relationship with your IT company should be the same. (Okay, not exactly, because there is a financial transaction involved, but the point remains that it should be a win for both client and provider.) If it’s not mutually beneficial, we can’t do our job well, and neither can you.

So how do we reach such an understanding?


Feb 4

HOW TO // How to Huddle

How to Huddle

By Jeremy Koellish, COO

I get asked a lot about how we conduct our famous daily tech huddles, so I thought I’d lay it out for you with these seemingly intuitive but maybe not so obvious tips so you’re not forced to muddle through your huddle. (Yeah, I went there.)


Feb 2

The Technology-Loving Country Boy

Brian Menge

By April Cole Worley

Brian was a free-range child.

Growing up in the foothills outside of Modesto, California, he spent a lot of time running wild with his older brother in the surrounding fields. Maybe this is why Brian is such a tough nut to crack- he’s an adventurer, not a talker. But I wanted to feature him as tech of the month because not only is he a great technician and supervisor, but his humor is quick and when it hits it takes you (pleasantly) off-guard.


Feb 2

Cal Poly Marine Sciences Pier launches (literally) Microsoft’s new Underwater Cloud

Josh Erdman, Senior Consultant

Josh Erdman, Senior Consultant

By Josh Erdman

Microsoft sunk a 38,000-pound container off the Cal Poly Marine Science Research Pier in Avila Beach yesterday. The 3-month research project is dubbed Project Natick and contains within its 10’x7′ vessel a data center with the processing power of 300 desktops.

Microsoft, Natick, Underwater Cloud

Sinking Natick

Why? Because as anyone with a server room knows, storing data is hot business. Really hot. And effective heat dissipation is incredibly expensive as well as being an energy suck. So, with Natick, Microsoft is testing the feasibility of sinking a powerful data center to the bottom of the ocean to keep it cool.

However novel it may seem, this idea is not totally new.


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