Jan 14

Falling in Love [with Tech]

Eva Rebollar

By April Cole Worley

“It’s a funny story,” Eva says when asked about how she got into IT. “I was drawn into it, really.”

Eva had been working at Verizon for six years when she met Jarrett, the Service Delivery Supervisor for TekTegrity’s SLO headquarters. They started chatting. “Jarrett was a Verizon client,” she says. “So we got to talking and I asked him where he worked. He told me that he worked at TekTegrity. But there was something in the way he said it…with so much pride! It really stuck with me.”


Jan 12

3 Tips for Weathering the Storm


By Russ Levanway

Obstacles Ahead

In this new year, we will all experience obstacles; some that are meant to be overcome, and others that are not. El Niño is a good example of an immovable obstacle that is currently upon us. Here in California, we’ve eagerly anticipated these storms for a long time, but a weather pattern like this can still be very disruptive. There will be power outages, flooding, travel dangers, and delays – all of which impact our business and yours.


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