Dec 17

The American Dream Lives On

John Lim

By April Cole Worley


John Lim’s mother is no stranger to hard work. She has been working in factories since the age of 12, sometimes up to 16 hours a day, 6 days a week. But, that was the life when you were one of 11 children and your rural family could only afford to send one child to school and that child is one of your brothers. Uncle #3 was the family’s ace in the hole, and that meant that all of the other children would work, including John’s mother who left her village in Taiwan to work (and live) at a factory.


Dec 6

Growth from the Inside Out

Fly High

By Russ Levanway, CEO

Before takeoff on a commercial flight, the flight attendants routinely ask that “in the unlikely event that the cabin experiences a loss of pressure, please put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting others.” This concept is a popular one among life coaches and inspirational speakers because it emphasizes the importance of self-care; you can’t help anyone else unless you’ve taken care of yourself first. A company or organization is no different.


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