Oct 15

The Great Equalizer

By Russ Levanway, CEO

Think about how integral the internet is to your life. If you have children in school, you know that more and more, teachers are assigning online coursework and homework. Furthermore, you most likely receive their report card via email or the internet. If you’re job hunting, where do you look? Most likely somewhere on the web. Or if you need an affordable vehicle? Or a map and schedule of bus routes? Or access to your bank account? You get the idea. Life is possible without the internet, of course, but having access to it goes a long way toward enhancing both our productivity and our connectivity.

Unfortunately, according to the White House, 25 percent of Americans still don’t have internet access at home, despite the fact that the United States is its birthplace.


Oct 4

IT as a Competive Sport

Chenise, MST

By April Cole Worley

Lucky for us, Chenise’s professional life didn’t work out exactly as she had planned (like most of us, right?). She didn’t start out in IT, she had plans to be an esthetician.

But, Chenise has a competitive side that she nurtured by playing sports – a passion she shared with her father, and she just knew something was missing. “I like to always push myself to be better,” she says with unfaltering confidence.


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