Jun 12

Why the ‘WHY’ Matters

By Russ Levanway, CEO

Until last year, TekTegrity’s mission was “To provide premium information technology services through relationships of the highest quality and integrity with our clients.” How many of our staff knew this mission by heart? Maybe half. And how well did it resonate with them? Probably not too well.

Like individuals, companies can fall into ruts. They can sink into day-to-day operations without ever addressing the purpose or meaning behind what they do. So last year, we embarked on a process to redefine our mission and vision as a company from the angle of why versus what or how.

The seeds for this process were planted when I attended a conference where author and leadership expert, Simon Sinek, spoke. At the time, TekTegrity was caught up in business-as-usual: fixing computers and providing technical support. I’m willing to bet most people here didn’t feel a higher calling or a sense of real purpose in their work. But after Sinek’s talk, I picked up his book, Start With Why, and got the message: people find meaning and purpose in their work through the why. more

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