May 27

Cybersecurity Mitigation Webinar

Presented to MGMA at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, Spring 2015

Cybersecurity can be a heavy burden on any practice.  Achieving regulatory compliance can be costly, functional results of compliance can be cumbersome, and fears about breaches can negatively impact team culture and sound decision making.  That sums up the experience of many practices, but other providers and administrators see it in a different light. 

Cybersecurity can also be a directional framework that steers an organization down a safe path where productivity is actually enhanced, risk to the organization is minimized, and the value of the practice is both improved and protected.  Learn how to get on this safe path and stay on it for the long-haul without breaking your bank or tipping the pain scale.

TekTegrity enhances the productivity and enriches the lives of our health care, affordable housing, business and small office clients in  San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, FresnoBakersfield and beyond.

May 18

TekTegrity to Launch New Tech Support Division for Small Businesses

Award Winning IT Company Introduces Innovative IT to Provide On-Demand IT Support for Central Coast Companies With Fewer than 10 Employees

San Luis Obispo, CA, May 15, 2015 – TekTegrity announced today it is adding a division to most effectively provide high-quality on-demand IT services to Central Coast businesses with fewer than ten employees. The new division will operate under the banner Innovative IT.

IT SLO, IT Fresno, Tech Support

Mahius Concord-Division Lead

Led by Mahius Concord, a TekTegrity Senior Technician with a decade of technical experience, Innovative IT will offer Central Coast small businesses competitive hourly rates and a dedicated technician who will be both point of contact and account manager to ensure open lines of communication.


May 11

How Technology Connected Me to the World

by Russ Levanway, CEO

In these days of fast-paced technological progress, I often hear people say that technology is disconnecting people from the world around them. Of course, there’s plenty of evidence to back that opinion up, including my personal favorite, the story of a woman who walked directly off a pier while scrolling her Facebook feed on her phone. She even held her phone above her head to protect it once she was in the water!

Extreme, and albeit comical, examples aside, overall, technology’s benefits and potential to connect people outweigh its potential for disconnecting them.  more

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