Network Operations

Fernando Rivera

Team Lead // Security and Maintenance Administrator

With a degree in electronics, Fernando started his career in IT with a strong knowledge base. And since then, he keeps his knowledge fresh by earning certificates from Microsoft in such courses as Windows Environments, Windows 2000 Network and Operating Systems, and Server Systems Essentials.

As TekTegrity's Maintenance Administrator, Fernando ensures our clients' systems are patched and protected at all times. Fernando also turns his caring nature toward aquatic life and finds it relaxing to spend hours maintaining his aquarium at home. TekTegrity, our clients, and your fish thank you, Fernando, for your attention to detail and diligence.

Additional Certification:

  • CompTIA Customer Service Excellence Program

Diego Montero

Senior Backup Technician

Diego was born in beautiful San Ramon de Alajela, a small town in Costa Rica. He acquired knowledge about networks and other areas of computing while working for a small hotel chain. Diego's enjoyment of video games began when he was 6 years old. He is a father of two beautiful children and loves spending time with them and his wife.

He tries to be better prepared each day to help our customers as much as possible. As a technician, he strives to provide excellent service and solutions for the difficult tasks that are at hand. 

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