IT for Business Team

Brian Menge

Director of Service Delivery

Originally from the Modesto area, Brian graduated from CSU Fresno with a bachelors in Graphic Design and a minor in Business. He has worked with computers all his life and even owned his own company that specialized in graphic design, web design, printing and computer repair services. When he's not working, he enjoys riding motorcycles, wrenching on his cars, building custom computers, playing with his American Staffordshire Terrier (Kiddo), and brewing his own beer.

Additional Certification:  

  • CompTIA Customer Service Excellence Program


Tina Trujillo

Service Supervisor // Managed Systems Technician

Agustina, known by her friends as Tina, was born and raised in Greenfield, California in Monterey County. When she was 17, she moved to Fresno, California to attend Fresno State University. Tina was 12 when her father first bought a computer, and from there he always said, "if you break it, you will fix it." This began her journey with learning how to fix computers and various electronics.

She was self-taught through much research on the items she was working on. Since then, she's always had a liking for electronics. After working in IT retail, she found out that by helping people with their computer issues, she became passionate about IT work. When Augustina isn't working, she loves to watch sports (Go Giants, Raiders, & Lakers!!), having game nights with friends, going to the beach, playing videogames, and visiting her family (especially her nephew who she loves with all her heart). Also, she enjoys going on adventures with her boyfriend. She is a huge Disney and Harry Potter nerd, and hopes to one day fulfill her dreams of traveling around Europe and going to the Disneyland in Paris. 

George C. Hamparson II

Team Lead//Senior Managed Systems Technician

Working in the IT industry since 1990 performing design and installation of LAN/WAN hardware and related software for a variety of different industry segments, George has developed a strong set of troubleshooting skills and an outside-the-box approach to most things IT related.

George also has an outside-the-box approach to life. He and his wife decided to uproot their family and move to the Central Coast all within a four-day period, and he loves anything that shoots, explodes, goes fast or rocks hard. But George is also an active Scout dad, teaches his kids piano, loves giving back to his community and most of all, being a dad. That part is pretty in-the-box. ;)

Adrian Astua

Service Coordinator

Adrian was born and raised in San Francisco de 2 Rios, San Jose, Costa Rica. With a passion for learning new things combined with his love of computers, Adrian currently holds a Technician Degree and is also studying toward a Bachelor's in Information Technology Engineering.

When Adrian is not working hard in the office, he seeks out adventures of another quality. With a deep love of the natural world, Adrian enjoys any activity that takes him out of doors including river rafting and hiking. Although, whether in the office or paddling downstream, you will always find Adrian with a smile on his face and a joke at the ready to bring you into la buena vida!

Jarrett Prichard

Senior Managed Systems Technician

With over 20 years of working with information technology, Jarrett has honed his skills at getting to the root cause of computer issues. Jarrett doesn't like to lose, and will work on the problem until it's solved. He enjoys training users to leverage their systems to better advantage, and gets a kick out of tweaking systems to make them more efficient. He understands how to create a more effective relationship between users and their computers, for the betterment of all.

As a Navy brat, Jarrett claims the world as his hometown, with a special fondness for the San Joaquin Valley, where his parents and brother's family reside. He currently lives with his wife, two boys and a Maltipoo named Loki in Arroyo Grande, where he serves our young men as the Scoutmaster for Troop 489. He loves games of all types, and if it isn't a game he is staring at on his phone, it is probably a good book.

Zach Folkes

Senior Managed Systems Technician

Born and raised in the Central Valley, Zach grew up on an almond ranch. As a child, finding out how things worked was always an exciting pastime. His first computer was a gifter Apple II clone (Laser 128) with which Zach taught himself to program in the Basic programming language. Later, after acquiring a used PC, and much trial/error, he gained enough computer experience to land a job at a local PC/network repair shop, and that was how the love affair with technology began. Now 20 years later, his love for working with technology is still going strong.

He currently resides in Fresno, California with his wife and their two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. He enjoys flying radio controlled airplanes, tinkering on his Mustang Cobra, wake boarding in the summer/snowboarding in the winter, and relaxing at home.

Brian Feist

Managed Systems Technician

From a very young age, Brian always found joy in taking things apart to understand how they work. At 10 years old, he started fixing computers for friends and family, going to computer shows in Oakland picking out parts and building computers. In his early teens, Brian joined a non-profit computer recycling organization with his grandfather, putting hundreds of broken computers back to work and into the community. He learned military discipline in JROTC and how to fly airplanes in the Civil Air Patrol. Graduating High school at age 16, Brian got his associates degree from Heald college just after turning 18 and later received a BS in Computer science with a minor in Software Development from WGU. In his 15+ years of experience, Brian has worked for companies such as Electronic Arts, Geek Squad, and spent 4+ years with the US Department of Defense.

Beyond being great at fixing computers, Brian is an especially talented programmer and has a passion for creating software. He believes software is an artform that only has bounds set by the human imagination. He has created software ranging from Systems management tools to groundbreaking Virtual Reality content prototypes (patents pending). Brian left California for Colorado for a few years when he bought a 33-acre farm and decided to experience how life Off-grid was. With solar panels/wind turbines, a well, septic system, chickens, and goats etc. he learned how to truly live self-sufficiently.  

Roberto Morales III

Managed Systems Technician

Hailing from California's state capital, Roberto began his journey in mentorship and discipline early in life. Starting with Mixed Martial Arts and later competing in Muay Thai bouts, Roberto took to training others full time while managing to hold two Championship belts. 

At 24 Roberto enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he was a designated Cyber Network Operator for the 9th Communication Battalion Company B, Cyber Platoon. In November of 2013, he deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan for nine months on a Forward Operating Base (FOB) at Camp Dwyer. He then supported numerous military field exercises before deploying again to Duqm, Oman near Saudi Arabia, after which he continued to serve with 9th Communication Battalion for the rest of his enlistment earning a Navy Achievement Medal. Lucky for us Roberto then separated from the Marine Corps in August 2016 to continue pursuing a career in the field of Information Technology where he takes IT challenges to the mat on a daily basis. 

David Goodloe

Managed Systems Technician

David was raised swimming and causing various mischief on the California Delta, until moving to Clovis with his mom and two young sisters to start high school at age 14. By age 15 - after playing around in BASIC on a Radio Shack Tandy TRS-80 Model II for a few months, he decided he needed more speed so set up a trade deal with a local PC Shop, where he hawked a TV/VCR Combo unit for the down payment on a brand new IBM 486 SX30 SLC (later upgraded to DLC with a $40 Math Co-processor) and thus began his lifelong obsession with performance computing.
David began his IT career at a local computer shop, followed by an internet service provider and most recently 13 years as a support engineer for a major CCTV Manufacturer. He, his wife of 19 years, their son and two stepsons live together in Clovis, where they enjoy PC Gaming, stand-up comedy and spoiling their menacing guard dogs (or so they think), a Shorkie and Maltipoo.

Dan Akdag

Managed Systems Technician

Born in Southern California, Dan graduated with a degree in Film and Media from UC Santa Barbara. After graduating, Dan spent most of his time behind a computer, editing. During this time, he became more interested in how the systems and network were all put together than the actual editing. Dan went back to school for a degree in computer network engineering and has been trying to slowly chip away at the IT field ever since. When not studying IT or at work, Dan likes to spend time hiking, taking pictures, or watching a good movie with his girlfriend. 

Keeth Hershman

Service Technician

Keeth is a modern incarnation of the true Renaissance man (a Renaissance man dualistically from Philly and New Jersey, no less). From herding sheep with the isolated elders of the Navajo in the deep red canyons of Arizona, to performing at Carnegie Hall as the percussion section leader of one of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s most popular ensembles, to practicing fine-art woodworking, to his professional experience as a Systems Administrator, Keeth has a lot to offer to the culture, as well as the technical team here at TekTegrity.

Currently Keeth’s greatest passions, aside from his continuous commitment to photography, surfing and learning all things tech, are being an awesome dad to his young daughter and co-managing his family’s ethnic/alternative dance and music studio.