Client Services

Arun Shivaprasad

Account Manager

Always into cool tech gadgets, Arun spent his childhood taking things apart just to see what was going on inside. He has even built his own computers from scratch for the pure satisfaction of doing it himself. But Arun is not all about tech all of the time, he loves sports, plays softball and is on a billiards team. He also highly recommends catching a live San Jose Sharks game if you have the chance - but only if you are into having one of the most exciting experiences of your entire life.

Bottom line is that Arun loves what technology can do for people. While working at Best Buy, he “got a lot of joy” out of being able to satisfy a customer’s technology needs. And we're happy to say that Arun now brings that enthusiasm and positivity to TekTegrity where he works passionately with his clients to make sure their IT solutions are dialed in (and exciting, in a good way).

Russ Reed

Senior Account Specialist

Recently transplanted to San Luis Obispo, Russ is originally from Fresno, CA, where he assisted Verizon clients with technical issues. He played trumpet throughout his school career, beginning in 5th grade. Russ has always enjoyed tinkering with computers, starting with a Mac Classic, then moving to Windows and Linux. He is fascinated by science and technology and will easily spend an entire evening watching Neil de Grasse Tyson videos, or anything concerning science, robots, gadgets or technologies!

Russ loves to travel and has driven across the US - twice! He has traveled throughout Europe, and plans to see as many countries and cultures as possible. Currently, he is enjoying rediscovering the central coast.

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