WorkSpace Setup for Mac

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a free app from the App Store that will allow Mac OS 10.7 and above devices to connect to TSM WorkSpace using our enterprise Terminal Services (TS) Gateway.


After installing the app open it and select ‘New’ on the Connection Center screen. In the Edit Remote Desktops window, enter information for the remote desktop connection:

  • Connection Name: The name to identify this connection, we recommend using “TSM Workspace” (without quotes).
  • PC Name: gjg


Select the option to add a new gateway, type the below information when it asks.

  • ​Gateway name: The display name that will show up when selecting the gateway, you can use “TSM Gateway” (without quotes) if you like.
  • Server:
  • User name: You can leave this blank, which will use the connection credentials.
  • Password: Leave blank to use the connection credentials.
  • Click “+” or Save to add the gateway which should bring you back to the connection settings.


Under credentials you need to enter the following information:

  • Username: tsmworkspace\firstnamelastname (firstnamelastname will be your username)
  • Password: the default password provided by TekTegrity staff (You can leave all other information at the defaults and save the Remote Desktop connection.)


Return to the main screen and double-click the new connection you just created and this will begin the connection to TSM Workspace. If you see any certificate errors you can select the option to continue through them and not warn you again if it gives you the option, you will then be logged you’re your TSM Workspace desktop.

If you have any issues or questions regarding this process, please reach out so we can get you up and running!

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