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The Way IT Should Be.

Your organization runs smoothly. Your computers work, so your people can work. Your information technology network uses resources wisely, minimizes interruptions to workflow and maximizes your efficiency.

Your data is secure and accessible. You have confidence in the tools, systems and IT professionals you rely on.

That’s the way IT should be. That’s what TekTegrity brings clients throughout San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Kern counties and remote clients around the world.

Our Information Technology Products

Total System Management

  • A great basic plan for a securely managed and monitored system
  • Two or 4 hour response time, based on your business’s IT dependency
  • Low monthly fee, with additional services available as needed


Total System Management Advantage

  • Our premier solution covers all your machines and entire network, perfect for those with critical needs
  • 1-hour response time, 24/7
  • No need for in-house IT staff. Predictable monthly cost covers all services and assistance.



  • For organizations that need to work beyond their physical office, or have multiple office locations
  • Four TekCloud services cover your server, email, office & productivity software
  • The easiest way to use, get, keep, share, and protect your company’s files, applications, and data


IT for IT people

  • The extra support, when you need it
  • Access to IT professionals experienced in server virtualization, storage, disaster recovery and backup planning, remote desktop services, database provisioning, mail systems, and more



Being naïve and illiterate regarding computer technology, I was fair game for frustration when I needed someone to install, connect & maintain my system. Tektegrity provided human comfort to the entire process. I sit at my desk relaxed, satisfied and connected.
John A. Spatafore
Attorney at Law